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Meadow Vole Life Cycle

VolesVoles - Pages on voles, AKA meadow mice or field mice depending upon what part of the world you live in. Pages devoted to the classification & behaviour of the vole, as well as useful advice on how to control vole populations and damage.

Vole magazine was an environmentalist publication that was founded in the late 1970s by Richard Boston. It was funded by Monty Python's Flying Circus member Terry Jones and had many famous contributors.

Vole Magazine

Vole was a British environmentalist magazine published between 1977 and 1980. The magazine was intended to have a more light-hearted tone than the other countryside and ecology magazines of the time. Vole acquired a reputation for high quality writing and the magazine also contributed to raising awareness of serious Green politics at a time when many people's view of the issue was coloured by the BBC sitcom The Good Life.

Vole Magazine, Vole logo by Posy Simmonds
Vole Magazine logo by Posy Simmonds

Vole was founded in 1977 by Richard Boston with funding from Terry Jones. Terry Jones is best known for being a member of the team of writers and performers that made Monty Python's Flying Circus. As a Python, Jones is remembered for his roles as middle-aged women and the bowler-hatted "man in the street".

Jones also co-directed Monty Python and the Holy Grail and directed Life of Brian and The Meaning of Life. Jones' love of journalism which first became apparent with his funding of Vole magazine has manifested itself more recently with his anti-war editorials for the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, and the Observer.

The Monty Python connection with Vole doesn't end with Terry Jones. In June 1980, the managing editor of Vole was Charles Alverson. Who in addition to working as a journalist and editor, was also co-screenwriter of former Monty Python member Terry Gilliam's film Jabberwocky. Alverson's other editorial credits include HELP! magazine, Insight magazine and GIS Europe. More recently he has written novels, children's books, short stories and short film scripts.

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Whyles Second-Hand Books - Old issues of Vole magazine can purchased for ú1.50 (plus postage) from this second-hand booksellers . Delivers International. home.clara.net

Wikipedia - This page has a short biography of former Vole magazine managing editor Charles Alverson. en.wikipedia.org

Vole Magazine, Vole front cover (Click to enlarge)
Vole Vol3 No7 front cover by Andrew Wilson

During the short time that it was published Vole magazine had a host of famous contributors including: former Labour politician Tony Benn, Private Eye founder Richard Ingrams, English singer/songwriter Pete Atkin and former British sports commentator John Arlott.

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